Roojay replied

233 weeks ago

In Order to do things such as Sign for raids, or even look at our forums, you'll need to attach your in game character(s) to your guildworks account. So, here's a guide:
  • Click your name, in the top right corner. A menu will drop down. Click on Dashboard.
  • On the new page that comes up, click on Characters. Click on Add New Character.
  • You will be required to take off 3 items of gear from your toon to prove it is yours
Otherwise, do what it says, you'll be connected with your account.

You can do this for as many characters you have, regardless as to whether they're in our guild or not.
Hope this helps!
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Curador Member replied

216 weeks ago

where do i sign up to get forum access?

Qudshu Admin replied

216 weeks ago

By either being nice to me, or making an application and getting accepted. You should have received an invite by now :D

alex replied

18 weeks ago

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